Terms of Service

The company SHNUPS UG (haftungsbeschränkt), Georg-Friedrich-Str. 12, 76131 Karlsruhe (hereinafter referred to as “SHNUPS”, “we/us”) is the provider of the online platform HashtagNow.co (“platform” or “HashtagNow”). These Terms of Service govern the legal relationship between SHNUPS and you as a user of the platform (“user” or “you”). The use of the platform is free and only permitted if you accept the terms of use.

By using HashtagNow you agree to these Terms of Service. Please read them carefully.

The platform HashtagNow and the related services provided by SHNUPS are continually being modified, which can cause a change in functionality and design of the services from time to time. This can happen without advance notice. Furthermore, SHNUPS reserves the right to temporally or terminally shut down the platform (or distinct features) for single or all users. Possibly this can happen without SHNUPS being able to notify changes in advance. We reserve the right to to add constraints in use in our sole discretion any time and without advance notice.

As part of provided content

With HashtagNow, SHNUPS offers a platform on which users can collect content on hashtags across platforms, submit them by using links and writing descriptions about hashtags’ backgrounds and meanings. This happens on specific web pages for hashtags as part of sub pages on the platform (“hashtag pages”).

The content published through the platform is not reviewed or monitored by us. We cannot take liability for the content and neither guarantee the contents’ completeness, accuracy, and substance, nor endorse it. We don’t approve the opinions published through our services. The use of and trust in the content and media published on the platform and that you consume through our platform, is at one’s own peril.

SHNUPS recognizes the copyright of third parties and expects the users of the platform to do so as well. Indications of possible copyright infringements that are according to current and brought to us, are pursued by us.

The following Terms of Service are for content of contributing users:

Terms of Service for user generated content

Users who are at least 13 years old can submit written descriptions and content from social networks (via URLs). The amount of supported platforms is subject to change, since HashtagNow is underlying continuous development. We cannot guarantee that the platform preferred by users is integrated. Furthermore, we reserve the right to exclude social networks and websites from integration without without giving reasons.

Contributing users hereby confirm, that they are aware of their duties and responsibilities and possible actions to be taken.

Textual descriptions can be submitted as anonymous suggestion on hashtag pages. They are briefly examined, thus, there is no guaranty that all submitted descriptions are published on HashtagNow. We reserve the right to make changes. Since these descriptions are submitted anonymously there is no way to claim copyright on the submitted content. Change requests can be submitted by using the matching email address, in case it was submitted in the process. Without the email address, we cannot verify where the information is coming from. Given contact information will only be used in relation to the associated content and will be stored non-public, securely and not accessible by third-parties.

Create an account

The un-anonymous submission of written descriptions without review and the submission of links to hashtag pages is only possible by registered users. Hereby, the following has to be considered:

  • Requirements for creating a user profile are, that your are at least 13 years old or are acting with the permission of a legal guardian, which you are assuring with accepting these Terms of Service
  • Only natura persons can sign up. Businesses or other juristic persons are not permitted to create an account. SHNUPS reserves the right to deactivate or delete business accounts
  • The registration is currently only possible with a Twitter account. Through the Twitter login, SHNUPS gets access to account information timeline tweets of the user and information about who the user is following. We do not get access to the user's login data (email address and password)
  • With the creation of a user profile on the platform, using a real name is desired. Hereby users can show they feel responsible for their posts
  • Users agree that, next to their contributed content, their profile picture and full name will be displayed
  • All information you submit during the registration process, must be current and true. Furthermore, you should not pass the password for your Twitter account to third-parties. The abuse of which, e.g you are responsible by law for any unauthorized posting of content by third-parties using your password, and the resulting actions

Duties of the user and responsibility for content

All textual content that are submitted to the platform, lie in the sole liability of the person who the content is from. Users hereby confirm that they own the necessary rights of the content that is submitted to hashtag pages and their profile.

Specifically you assure that you do not write, submit or make accessible in any other form any content that infringes the following terms:

  • Submitted content does not violate the rights of third persons (e.g. copyright, patents, trademarks personal rights, right of privacy)
  • Submitted content is not racist, hostile to foreigners, discriminating or offensive and does not call up to criminal acts
  • Submitted content does not contain false allegation of facts
  • Submitted content is not identical in content to advertisements of commercial websites or any other products that are not related to the platform and disturb the use of which

Actions and sanctions

In case the use violates the law or Terms of Service, SHNUPS is eligible to take the following actions:

  • Delete unauthorized or inappropriate content,
  • serve a notice,
  • suspend the user’s access temporarily, or
  • block the user terminally

If you discover content that is allegedly violating the law or these terms of service, notify SHNUPS immediately at support@hashtagnow.co or report the content directly by using the “report content” feature on the specific hashtag page. After being informed about and reviewing the circumstances, SHNUPS will not make the content accessible anymore. We reserve the right to delete content that allegedly violates the law without advance notice and on and at our own discretion, without being liable or obliged to share information with the users.

SHNUPS also points out that deactivated content will only be unlocked again, when users who submitted it, can prove that there are no violations or the violations could have been resolved. SHNUPS reserves the right to block user accounts of other social networks that violate the law or Terms of Service, without notice, thus, not displaying all their content on HashtagNow.


You own the rights on all textual content you post, submit to or display at HashtagNow. By submitting content, you allow SHNUPS the worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive license (with the right to sublicense) to publish this content across all channels in all currently known and in future known media. These contents can be duplicated, reproduced, processed, adjusted, and distributed. Especially, SHNUPS is eligible to make accessible the content outside but in relation to HashtagNow on third-party websites (e.g. with embedding widgets).

The rights of the aggregated content by submitting links are held by the users who published them on the respective platform (e.g. the user who uploaded the photo to the social network the link is coming from). If unsure, please read the Terms of Service of the specific website.

Privacy Policy

For a current version of our privacy policy, please see: https://hashtagnow.co/privacy-policy


These Terms of Service and the use of the services by SHNUPS shall be governed by and construed with German law except conflicts of law rules. Any dispute from or in relation to the use of HashtagNow and/or these Terms of Service will be subject the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Germany, provided both parties are agents or don’t have a residency in Germany, either moved abroad their or have unknown residency or habitual residence, after these Terms of use have come into force.

Should specific terms be or become invalid or unfeasible, the validity of all other provisions shall remain unaffected. The invalid term is regarded as to be replaced by one which comes closest to the meaning and purpose of the respective term in a legally effective way. The same for potential gaps arising in these terms.

Effective: March 9th, 2016