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Your Name, 11/19/2017

Your Name, 11/19/2017

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Thanks for explaining this hashtag! #YouDidIt #LikeABoss #MakeHashtagsGreatAgain #SuchAPro #Magnificent #Tremendous #ShareWithFriends

I’m deeply shocked! My sincerest condolences to all victims, their families and everyone affected by this terroristic attack. #PrayForBerlin


My thoughts go out to the people that will live different christmas days this year.. #PrayForBerlin 🇩🇪 https://t.co/1rXOUsmZQv

#prayforBerlin: Image by @PatrickHausding

Pray for Aleppo like u did for Paris.
Pray for Aleppo like u did for Berlin.
Help Aleppo like u helped them. #PrayForBerlin #PrayForAleppo


please never judge a religion bc of a certain group of ppl. terrorism has no religion. my prayers go out to victims affected #PrayForBerlin


As much as I am sad for Berlin, I am also sad that Aleppo didn't get as much recognition because it's not Europe or America.



Terrorism is terrorism regardless of religion , i'm muslim but not a terrorist.


Thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the Berlin Christmas attacks.


Yes #prayforberlin as that will help. Maybe light up the White House in the colours of the German flag as well to show some solidarity.


heartbreaking to hear about this. the violence in the world needs to end. here goes another hashtag. #prayforberlin

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