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Your Name, 11/19/2017

Your Name, 11/19/2017

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Thanks for explaining this hashtag! #YouDidIt #LikeABoss #MakeHashtagsGreatAgain #SuchAPro #Magnificent #Tremendous #ShareWithFriends

So far, no one has explained the hashtag #ExitPollGate. You know what it's about? Be the first to add an explanation!

@Liamislove2014 #DemsinPHL #ExitPollGate
I think she should drop out because she is the weaker candidate. And all her past misdeeds.


The wrath #AyeshaCurry is getting on Twitter makes me instantly understand why Bernie said nothing about #ExitPollGate during the election.


@kaylynuke @mjanemann What do you bet they are slapping each other on the back thinking they got away with it again? #ExitPollGate


#ExitPollGate Is the US a democracy or not? How many primaries have to be rigged be4 we admit what we already know? https://t.co/vW0IpI1Yxz

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