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It's very often difficult to find an answer to the question “What does this hashtag mean?” for trending topics on Twitter and Instagram. This is why we put together this handy list of popular hashtags in alphabetical order to help you find out what they're about.




The American Academy of Emergency Medicine conference that took place in Orlando - March 2017 @EMRecruits EMrecruits.com



Annual meeting of the Association of American University Presses http://www.aaupnet.org/events-a-conferences/annual-meeting/aaup-2016



With the hashtag #ABondThatCantBeBroken Twitter users celebrate their great relationships with their partners and friends. And some celebrate their relationship with pizza. Choose wisely.



Who is up for playing @AFrikkinHashtag game? This one is hosted by @BrettFishA and @hdtorch and it's about your personal #AcceptableTortureMethod. They stressed that real torture is never okay and they condemn the practice but asked the players to reveal what could be an acceptable torture method to them. Something like having to listen to Nickelback on repeat or burning your tongue each time you have your favorite meal.



#AccessibleOlli is crowdsourced co-creation to make the world's most accessible transportation. It uses Olli cognitive, self-driving EV shuttle as the rolling testbed for integrating and testing accessible designs and technologies.



#acrel is a hashtag that stands for “the academic study of religion.” It was developed by religious studies scholars as a way of keeping track of the field (discipline ?) online. credit belongs to @burnidge for coining #acrel



Acti-Labs is not just about products, it's a lifestyle!



Reports are rolling in of an active shooter on Ohio State University Campus. 8 People have been hospitalised with 1, unfortunately, critical, and a suspect has been killed at the scene. An emergency alert was issued to students stating "active shooter on campus. Run hide fight.".

People are still being encouraged to take shelter and stay clear of the area until police can ensure their full safety. People on Twitter are sharing their thoughts and prayers for all those affected.

Police have now confirmed that the area has been secured.



Semantic search based on machine learning



On Feb 2 scientist David Steen (@AlongsideWild) tweeted that most American people can't name a living scientist. Naturally, scientists across twitter responded, introducing themselves with the hashtag #ActualLivingScientist

original tweet: https://twitter.com/AlongsideWild/status/827252730418823169



During ADayWithoutAWoman, women are asked to skip a day at work in order to make men realize the importance of women's presence in the workforce. For the women who find themselves unable to skip work, other options to protest include; wearing red, not spending any money on businesses (groceries, malls, gas stations,etc.) unless they are either businesses owned by women or by a minority group. This hashtag emerged during International women's day (March 8) of 2017



Twitter users put together two film titles to create something much less appealing in this Hashtag Game from midnight.



Started by @pH1Online, this game made Twitter users be hilariously creative. Just pick a famous movie - and add bacon. Easy!



Today is #PieDay! Why not start it with a hashtag meme #AddPiToASong?



Another hashtag game by midnight! This time, the challenge is to create a pun combining sports with a film title.



This is another glorious game we play with our favorite midnight show on Comedy Central. Exchange a word in the title of a song with sports and ruin it with that....well or at least make others laugh with it! Play the ball and join the game with the hashtag #AddSportsRuinASong.



Another hashtag game by the late night game show on Comedy Central! As we all know, everything gets better if Dwayne - The Rock - Johnson gets involved, so that's exactly what you have to do to participate. Simply #AddTheRockImproveAnything. Find the best examples below!



Adelaide is the capital of the state of South Australia. The whole state was hit by a storm, basically a wave of thunderstorms, which has caused thousands of people to be without power. Residents are told to brace themselves.



AdForumCo is an online advertising agency that aids brands create outstanding online presence.
The hash tag is a prefix to everything they tweet so as to keep a trail of their reach.



Es para ver a donde la seguimos, en donde estes no importa mientras vengas de Mexico.



The first three letters of the hashtag stand for 'An Event Apart', which is a two-day learning session for practitioners of standards-based web design. It's held in different cities in the US. The full hashtag refers to the conference in Chicago in particular.



The finale of season 3 of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." has fans in tears. With epic fight scenes and one death to mourn the show provides everything a good finale needs. Stars of the show have been live tweeting during the finale and together with the fans they got #AgentsofSHIELD trending at number 1 in the US.



The hashtag refers to the horror series "American Horror Story," the sixth season of which - My Roanoke Nightmare - premiered yesterday night. It was an unusual episode, and is allegedly based on true events. Fans are mostly annoyed about the changes that have been made, and the fact that actor Evan Peters hasn't shown up yet. But all in all, everybody is excited about the new season of course! It's also the first time that Lady Gaga appear in the series.



The victim of racist messages on AirBnB has reported the incident and the North Carolina host has since been banned from the platform. However many claim that the overall situation won't improve for black people on AirBnB. It reignited the hashtag #AirbnbWhileBlack that highlights the problems black people face when trying to find a room. According to AJ+ people with distinctly black names are 16% less likely to be accepted as guests. Many are tweeting about @NoirBnB which is supposed to be launching this week as an alternative to AirBnB directed at the black community.



stands for a free visual inspection of compressed air installations in manufacturing sites, ]workshops or other sites using compressed air. Atlas Copco engineers inspect the system to identify possible air leaks, inefficiencies or other issues. Based on the analysis Atlas Copco is able to suggest improvements to the compressed air system so it can match precisely the user air demand.



TV actor Alan Thicke is the next celebrity in a host of many that have passed away in 2016. Reportedly he suffered from a heart attack and collapsed whilst playing ice hockey with his 19-year-old son, Carter. He played the much-loved dad Dr Jason Seaver in the popular 80's show Growing Pains. Fans and celebrities alike have been sharing their tributes and commiserations on Twitter.



Donald Trump has won the primary in Washington yesterday night. However the prospective nominee of the Republican party isn't supported by everybody. Protests at a Trump rally in #Albuquerque, New Mexico turned violent last night. The protesters threw rocks and broke through barriers. Many of the anti-trump protestors don't agree with Trump's approach on immigration. Allegedly the protestors burned American flags and waved Mexican flags.



There have been reports that potentially more than 100 children are trapped in a building in Aleppo that is under attack. According to reports from The UN, sources claim pro-Syrian forces have been storming into civilian homes and killing them on the spot. Civilians and activists have been calling for attention from the mainstream media and for help via videos and messages on social media, some of which are believed to be their last words. Many have been displaced from their homes and blocked from evacuating since forces affiliated with the Syrian government began taking over major areas in Eastern Aleppo. Humanitarian organisations such as the Red Cross and Unicef are calling for the government to act now in ensuring civilians are protected and to put aside political conflict for its priority.



Gary Johnson is the nominee of the Libertarian Party for President of the United States in the 2016 US Elections. On September 8, he was asked about his plans for Aleppo, a Syrian city, in Morning Joe. He replied with "What is Aleppo?" His lack of understanding soon went viral. He has so far apologized for his "blanking" several times.



After #AleppoGate, Gary Johnson had another embarassing moment - some kind of a blackout, apparently. In an interview on MSNBC on Wednesday night, the Libertarian candidate for #POTUS was asked to name one foreign leader he looks up to. He needed some time to think and couldn't remember the name of former president of Mexico (Vicente Fox), but also didn't name anyone else. Well, having an "Aleppo moment" could become the new way of putting it!